Customer Success Management

Customer Success

Great customer experience is priceless, that is why we have created the Customer Success Management (CSM) department. The CSM team provides lifetime guidance for the successful use of bpm'online technology.

The essence of our work is to boost the efficiency of customers' business. Our customers are the top priority, and that is why we started CSM to help them stay connected.

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Customer Success Management

Experience the rock-star customer service with a dedicated Customer Success Manager

CSM is the real game changer. It is a unique service that you will not have from any other software vendor but bpm'online.

Unlike a classical Support Team, which also works successfully in our company, the functions of the Customer Success Manager are not limited to resolution of temporary technical issues. The mission of the CSM is to constantly maintain communications with their customer and ensure that bpm'online system’s key modules or specific features are utilized, and that the customer business goals are fully met.

This sophisticated and proactive approach allows supporting and enabling the client to use technology in its entirety, effectively and efficiently.

Major activities performed by the CSM include:

  • Helping the customer get familiar with bpm’online functionality to find the best match between system features and customer’s business needs
  • Supporting the customer with the system launch by providing the necessary help on defining the launch activity tasks, list of trainings to pass
  • Conducting training sessions with an overview of the bpm'online system features and answers to customer’s questions
  • Ensuring that the service provided meets customer’s requirements by keeping a regular contact
  • Providing the customer with White Papers, videos, reference articles and other materials to help understand bpm'online applications better
  • Identifying future possibilities to further extend the use of bpm'online in the company daily business activities

Working with our dedicated Customer Success Manager allows for a number of benefits, among which:

  • Fast service activation due to a constant contact of the CSM with the customer
  • Early user adoption: getting all the questions answered and all the functions explained by the CSM
  • Greater scale of system usage: your employees get well-trained during the training sessions that enable a fuller usage of bpm'online applications
  • Higher ROI, lower TCO

Thanks to the CSM department, customer satisfaction has scored 9.85 points out of 10 and keeps rising. Though such a high bar is a really great achievement, customer experience is not about numbers, it’s about exceeding people’s expectations.

Customers with the Premium Support package are assigned a dedicated CSM for the whole period of product usage.