bpm'online CRM - Efficient Sales Management
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Watch this video to learn how to improve sales productivity and increase win rates by keeping all necessary business data consolidated in a single transparent sales pipeline and optimizing existing sales processes. Bpm'online CRM allows driving greater response to your marketing campaigns, more closed deals, and top-notch customer service.

What is the perfect day of a real estate agent? This is the day when he doesn’t waste time on routine operations like data search, but spends more time with customers, closing more deals. Read through this guide to learn how implementing a comprehensive real estate solution can help agents to become ‘rock stars’ in the industry.

Digital Revolution & Technologies
Category: Thought leadership

In this short video interview Laurence Buchanan, Director of EY Advisory Customer Centre of Excellence EMEA, explains how Digital Revolution impacted business and what is the role of customer management technologies in the Digital Era.

CX Strategies
Category: Thought leadership

A short video interview in which Laurence Buchanan, Director of EY Advisory Customer Centre of Excellence EMEA, talks about how today’s technologies influence Customer Experience (CX).

SCi Sales Group
Graham Smith,
Marketing Director at SCi

With bpm’online we can achieve better ROI and offer exceptional service for our clients

The bpm’online team proves once again that even pouring ice-cold water over our heads could be both fun and rewarding if done as a collaborative effort of a group of people united with the same idea and for the right cause. From personal nominations to “let’s do it together”, the initiate grew to a gathering of hundreds of bpm’online people with buckets filled with the ice-cold water ready to accept the challenge on our parking lot. With laughing, hugging and words of encouragement we came forward as a team and did it!

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