BPMonline CRM - Efficient Sales Management
Category: Product overview

Watch this video to learn how to improve sales productivity and increase win rates by keeping all necessary business data consolidated in a single transparent sales pipeline and optimizing existing sales processes. BPMonline CRM allows driving greater response to your marketing campaigns, more closed deals, and top-notch customer service.

Business Process Management with BPMonline
Category: Product overview

Watch the video to learn how to streamline your business processes with BPMonline CRM by applying smart and simple tools for the entire cycle of process management: modeling, execution and monitoring. BPMonline CRM allows you to automate processes on the fly, what leads to significant improvements in business performance.

Digital Revolution & Technologies
Category: Thought leadership

In this short video interview Laurence Buchanan, Director of EY Advisory Customer Centre of Excellence EMEA, explains how Digital Revolution impacted business and what is the role of customer management technologies in the Digital Era.

CX Strategies
Category: Thought leadership

A short video interview in which Laurence Buchanan, Director of EY Advisory Customer Centre of Excellence EMEA, talks about how today’s technologies influence Customer Experience (CX).

Francesco Benetti,
Manager, Enterprise Resource Planning and Development

BPMonline gives us endless opportunities to continually improve processes and both meet and exceed customer expectations.

How CRM Can Help Boost Your Real Estate Business?

In today’s highly competitive environment in order to do interact with their customers more efficiently, many companies are using CRM software to synchronize and organize their sales, marketing and customer service. This software can be particularly useful for realty companies in terms of increasing sales, reducing costs, and transforming the customer experience within property sales and rentals.