What is CRM?

CRM is a combination of business strategy,
IT tools and processes that help build long-lasting relationships between a company and a customer.

Main CRM Components
CRM Strategy
The essence of CRM is a business approach that makes customer’s interests paramount: all processes, corporate values and efforts are addressed to meet one goal – make customers happy.
CRM Software
What is CRM software? Implementation of CRM strategy wouldn’t be complete without a CRM software – a professional tool designed to streamline all customer-focused processes. There are three pillars of CRM: marketing, sales and service – and a CRM solution must deliver end-to-end processes to cover all these areas.
CRM Process Management
To stay competitive, companies should be flexible. The ability to change processes in order to ensure the best customer experience will dominate the following decade. Therefore in the nearest future we will be witnessing significant growth of CRM solutions that will provide process automation features.
Key CRM Tasks
Acquire more customers
CRM processes and solutions help you build cohesive set of actions, that help you build awareness, target right prospects, convert more leads to customers, provide first-class service and deliver outstanding customer experience. Implementation of CRM approach can drastically increase number of customers and lifetime value of each customer.
bpm'online CRM - Customer Data Management
Retain customers
Consolidation of customer data from multiple channels and history of communication in single CRM solution enable you to find out if customers are happy or not and what concerns them most. Automation of customer-centric processes helps you use this data to make your customers loyal and keep them from leaving.
Deliver great customer experience
Automation of customer-oriented processes is a bold step towards building consistent customer experience. By this you guarantee that all communications will be fast, productive and pleasant. Customer will love you care and pay you with their loyalty in return.
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Features of IT solution
Sales Force Automation
With CRM sales software you can forecast sales, get a bird’s eye view of the sale process and gain efficiency in sales force management. Other benefits include:
  • A complete customer interaction history.
  • Real-time analytics helping sales managers track progress of opportunities and analyze competitors.
  • Reports giving insight to customer behavior thus increasing cross-sales.
Marketing Management
CRM tools help the marketing department complete work faster. You can for instance:
  • Plan and manage marketing activities, define budgets and assign resources.
  • Measure campaign’s ROI and impact.
  • Update and share presentation materials and the other marketing materials.
Business Process Management
There are 5 major reasons in favor of process automation:
  • All employees have the standards.
  • Outcomes can be forecasted with greater precision.
  • Bottlenecks and discrepancies can be easily uncovered and fixed.
  • New employees start delivering results faster.
  • Company is on a track of continuous improvement.

More CRM Features

Despite originally CRM features were focused only at marketing, sales and service, most of nowadays solutions contain more tools that extend boundaries of CRM application.

Customer Data Management

CRM solution helps you optimize your main asset, the customer database. With our customer software solution you consolidate all customer information, get a detailed view of your customers buying behavior and use this information to customize your communication and sales strategy. At the same time, analytical tools help you calculate CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) to assign your best sales managers to the most profitable customers.

Time Management and Communications

CRM time management improves employee performance:

  • Pre-defined processes automatically create tasks.
  • Schedule sharing helps manage employee workload and collaboration.
  • All pieces of information are interconnected to streamline analyses.
  • Statistical reports analyze:
    • Average sale cycle.
    • Total calls and meetings for closing a deal.
    • Profitability of a deal.

Document Management

Effective document management:

  • All documents in a single location.
  • Reports or invoices generated automatically.
  • Documents, transferred between different departments automatically.

Internal Collaboration

CRM solution facilitates collaboration yielding results by:

  • Building effective data exchange procedures.
  • Abolishing data gaps and preventing data loss.
  • Supervising and synchronizing all activities.
  • Applying a single standard throughout subsidiaries.

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